Lock N Load Podcast: Episode 8 - Demystifying Connecticut's Firearm Regulations: Your Essential Guide to Customization and Compliance

Lock N Load Podcast

27-10-2023 • 22 min

The Lock N Load Podcast, hosted by Joshua and Michele, recently discussed Connecticut 2A issues and the regulations surrounding firearm ownership and customization in the state. They provided a detailed breakdown of the various options available to gun owners based on the type of firearm they possess, such as receivers, pistol grip firearms, and AR rifle platforms. The discussion covered topics ranging from registration with the state of Connecticut to federal compliance laws, including the requirements for AR pistols, short barrel rifles, and AR rifles. The hosts emphasized the importance of following the regulations and seeking approval from relevant authorities before making any modifications to firearms. They also touched upon the availability of different calibers and the complexities associated with customizing certain types of firearms. Throughout the episode, they stressed the need for understanding state and federal laws and encouraged listeners to stay informed about any changes or challenges to current regulations. The podcast was sponsored by Lock N Load Firearms and PatriotWear Holsters.