Exploitation, Empathy, and Betrayal | A Gypsy’s Kiss Chapter 27 | Our Story Your Story

Our Story Your Story

06-10-2023 • 48 min

Join hosts/authors Toby Younis and Shelley Carney in this thought-provoking episode of Our Story Your Story as they share Chapter 27, titled "L'étrange," from their gripping novel, “A Gypsy’s Kiss.”

In this chapter, teenage protagonist Miguel, and his companion, Mariah, embark on a harrowing journey through Algiers that takes an unexpected turn, unraveling themes of exploitation, fear, and societal challenges.

Together, Toby and Shelley dissect the emotional intricacies, discussing how the characters grapple with deception, vulnerability, and the contrasting realities of their environment.

Tune in for an insightful exploration of the human condition and the complex narratives that make 'L'étrange' a compelling tale worth analyzing.

Don't miss out on this engaging discussion, filled with literary insights and thought-provoking commentary.

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00:01:59 Eventful meeting with fortune teller predicts adventure.

00:05:05 Intriguing scene at a lively venue unfolds.

00:07:58 Jean Luc casually smokes and talks in French.

00:11:34 Mariah leads me into comfortable room.

00:15:58 Themes: Exploitation, vulnerability, deception, betrayal.

00:19:08 Surprising reaction, but momentary; caring transition.

00:20:18 Need more information. Open to conflict, betrayal. Ready for adventure and romance.

00:26:47 Exploring adventure, no fear, expensive price.

00:27:30 Unplanned actions lead to acceptance and progress.

00:33:44 Memorable events in different places, contrasting lifestyles.

00:35:07 Heightened senses, urban life versus suburban.

00:38:46 Labor Day weekend: fiestas, buses, Mardi Gras. Drunk people, lights, motorcycles.

00:42:59 El Moro pictures: yes. Cozumel cliff diving: no. Changed risk-taking level at Toby's wedding.

00:45:04 Proud of keeping clothes on all day.

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