Psalm 96

Carefully Examining the Text

10-11-2023 • 18 min

I Chron. 16:23-33 records this virtually word for word. That chapter is describing the moving of the ark to Jerusalem. “In recapturing for us the triumphal entry of the ark to Jerusalem, the Chronicles writes out nearly the whole of this psalm, with part of two others (105, 106), as the centerpiece of his chapter” Kidner, 346.

Invitations to praise are found in vv. 1-3, 7-10a, 11-12a and reasons for praise are found in vv. 4-6, 10b, 12b-13. “Three strophes in vs. 1-6, 7-10, and 11-13, each consisting of a call to praise followed by the cause for praise” Estes, 216.

This Psalm truly has a universal ring to it: 96:1 “all the earth,” 96:3 “among the nations,” 96:3 “among all peoples,” 96:7 “families of peoples,” 96:9 “all the earth,” 96:10 “among the nations,” 96:10 “judge the peoples,” 96:13 He is pictured as judging the earth, the world, the peoples.

Psalm 96 and the New Testament

96:1 new song- Rev. 5:9; 14:3 Jesus' death is a cause for singing the new song.

96:2 The word used in the LXX for proclaim the good news is the word used for preaching the gospel.It is used to announce the birth of John- Luke 1:19 and Jesus- Luke 2:10. It describes the preaching of John- Luke 3:18 and Jesus- Luke 4:43; 20:1 and the disciples in the limited commission- Luke 9:6. It is used 15 times in Acts to describe the preaching of Jesus- Acts 5:42; 8:4, 12, 25, 40; 10:36; 11:20; 13:32; 14:7, 15, 21; 15:35:16:10; 17:18.

96:3 Declare His glory- 96:7, 8 also use the word glory.The word for glory is used of Jesus in John 1:14; 2:11; 5:41, 44; 12:41, 43; 17:22, 24

96:3 Wonders- The word is used in the LXX is used only once in the NT and used of the miracles of Jesus in Matt. 21:15.

96:6 The words translated strength and beauty in the NASB are in the LXX majesty and holiness. The word for majesty is only used 3 times in the OT but one is in II Peter 1:16 where Peter says we were eyewitnesses of His majesty. The word for holiness is used in Rom. 1:4 according to the spirit of holiness, Jesus Christ our Lord.

96:10 The LORD reigns- The word reigns from the LXX is used of Jesus’ rule in Luke 1:33; I Cor. 15:25; Rev. 11:15, 17.

96:10 He will judge with equity or uprightness. The word used in the LXX is only used in the NT in Heb. 1:8 and it is of Jesus.

96:12 Trees of forest rejoice- The word for trees is used for the death of Jesus in Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29; Gal.3:13; I Peter 2:24. It is also used of the tree of life in Rev. 2:7; 22:2, 14, 19.