A Conversation with Elena E. Forzani

Classroom Caffeine

14-11-2023 • 37 min

In this episode, Dr. Elena Forzani talks to us about reading as meaning making, multiple modes of communication, and literacy assessment. Dr. Forzani is known for her work centering on using multiple and mixed methods to understand and support digital literacies practices across the elementary and secondary levels. In particular, her work investigates the cognitive, metacognitive, and motivational dimensions of online reading, and especially how readers evaluate the credibility of online information. Elena Forzani is an assistant professor in Literacy Education at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development.

To cite this episode: Persohn, L. (Host). (2023, Nov 14). A conversation with Elena E. Forzani (Season 4, No. 5) [Audio podcast episode]. In Classroom Caffeine Podcast series. https://www.classroomcaffeine.com/guests. DOI: 10.5240/0140-D0AD-2E0C-666F-42D2-L

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