A Conversation with Robert Petrone

Classroom Caffeine

08-08-2023 • 39 min

Dr. Robert Petrone talks to us about reconsidering structures of schools, valuing the expertise of young people, and how he learned about these ideas in a seemingly unlikely place, the skatepark. Dr. Petrone is known for his interdisciplinary work, particularly as he examines the cultural production of ideas of “age,” “youth” and “adolescence,” explores youth cultural, learning, and literacy practices beyond school contexts, and collaborates with educators to build curricula that repositions youth as educational experts. Dr. Robert Petrone is Associate Professor in the Department of Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum at the University of Missouri. For more information about our guest, stay tuned to the end of this episode.

To cite this episode: Persohn, L. (Host). (2023, Aug 8). A conversation with Robert Petone (Season 4, No. 2) [Audio podcast episode]. In Classroom Caffeine Podcast series. https://www.classroomcaffeine.com/guests. DOI: 10.5240/767A-06CA-FC45-6FB5-20E8-N

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