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The Rare Special Powers Movement - Dr Eleonora Passeri

Researcher Radio

22-11-2018 • 37 min

This week we are joined by Dr Eleonora Passeri from the movement Rare Special Powers. Rare Special Powers is a movement that advocates for the advancement of rare disease through the power of art and beauty. Join us to discover more about the Rare Special Powers movement. Why and how does Eleonora combine the beauty of art with science? What does this movement hope to achieve? What was Eleonora's motivation to start this movement? In this episode, Eleonora answers all of these questions and more.

We will also gain further insights into the Rare Special Powers movement and its impacts.

In today's episode, we discuss:

Eleonora talks us through her academic background and the Rare Special Powers movement. [00:38]

What is Eleonora's motivation to create the Rare Special Power movement? [07:12]

How is the art chosen for this movement? [15:22]

Eleonora discusses other projects that she is working on. [26:48]

Eleonora, gives us her one piece of advice for PhD students who may not want to work in academia. [31:47]

Where can you find out more about Rare Special Powers? [34:47]

Discover more about the Rare Special Powers movement here!

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