I Haven't Missed A Step - Author Jeffery Williams Interview (Part II)

Generation Motivation: The Podcast

25-02-2023 • 56 min

(Part II)  Having been featured in the NY Times, ABC 7, on CNN and various media outlets, my next guest is one of the most inspirational individuals I've ever come in contact with. Shot at the age of 13 yrs old and paralyzed from the waist down, Jeff Williams has relied upon the use of a wheelchair for the past 41 years.  While he may be confined to the chair physically, he's the polar opposite mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  He's a motivational speaker, fashion designer, real estate broker and author of the inspirational autobiography "My Feet Are Off The Ground," where he details his journey of healing, faith and forgiveness.  For more info on Generation Motivation and our #powerinyourplatform movement, go to www.GenerationMotivation.com.  Connect with me on IG:  @nicewiththatpen and @generationmotivation_19.  Connect with Jeff on IG:  @shoesbyjlorenzo   #generationmotivation  #podcasterofthepeople # jaysnipes #jefferywilliams #myfeetareofftheground  #podcast #inspiration