Finding Our Purpose

Warriors ARISE

22-09-2021 • 27 min

Welcome back to the Warriors Arise Podcast! Learning our purpose may seem to be a never-ending pursuit, so how can we remain steadfast? In this episode, we have Suzi Hanson and Stephanie Reed with us to talk about the struggles of feeling lost, realizing the bigger picture, and the tools we need to realign to our purpose. Join us and listen in!

[00:01 - 06:52] Feeling Lost and Overcoming Darkness

  • Realizing our purpose
  • It is about who we are, not what we do
  • We are His masterpiece

[05:41 - 12:34] Seeing Through God’s Eyes

  • Looking at a much bigger picture
  • God’s will translates to purpose
  • Not making a name for yourself
  • Surrendering to Him

[12:35 - 26:19] Tools To Keep You Going

  • Let go of control
  • Write down to release your thoughts
  • Get to know God
  • Look for a mentor
  • Share your story
  • Do not ignore your past
  • Live a life of gratitude

[26:20 - 27:41] Closing Segment

  • Begin the process
  • Closing words

Tweetable Quotes:

“Because some people have a hard time getting out of bed, not because they're depressed because they just don't have anything to look forward to.” – Suzi Hanson

“Purpose isn't out there waiting for you to find it. God already gave it to you.” – Stephanie Reed

:So we can all agree that our purpose, even if it's just seasonal, is birthed out of pain. It’s out of experience.” - Stephanie Reed

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