From Walking in Darkness to Shining in God's Kingdom

Warriors ARISE

13-10-2021 • 30 min

Welcome back to the Warriors Arise Podcast! In this episode, I am joined by Suzi Hanson along with a special guest, Leslie Cooper, a true warrior who rose up from the pit and overcame all the odds that were stacked against her!

After battling a 23-year addiction and being diagnosed with several severe mental and physical illnesses, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, and severe anxiety disorder, she was told there was no hope or cure. But God! He is faithful and true to HIS Word! In 2017, Leslie was healed, set free, and delivered from every diagnosis the doctors had given her. This is a story full of God’s grace, mercy, love, and redemptive power! Truly a testimony that will not only bring hope to all but is proof that Jesus is still in the miracle business!

[00:01 - 13:26] Jesus Is Our Deliverer

  • Introducing Leslie Cooper
  • Leslie shares her story
  • Experiencing dysfunction at home
  • Coping and battling a meth addiction since she was 13
  • Mental health struggles
  • Getting treatment and relapse
  • Slipping back into addiction and battling suicidal thoughts
  • The spiritual battle we face

[13:27 - 23:02] In The Darkest of Times God Can Redeem Anything

  • Leslie describes how she was in the darkest of times, but God stepped in
  • Jesus sets Leslie free from a 23-year addiction
  • Surrendering and following Him
  • The Bible study that changed everything for Leslie
  • Finding scripture to stand on
  • How to start knowing Scripture
  • Get on Google and use Biblical resources
  • Fight the feeling of not wanting to know the Word

[23:03 - 29:16] How To Start Knowing Scripture

  • Advice for someone who is struggling
  • You have to have Jesus
  • Get in the Word
  • Jesus is faithful to His word
  • God’s Word can truly change a person and break someone free from bondage
  • God is still working miracles

[29:17 - 30:24] Closing Segment

  • Closing words
  • Connect with us!

Tweetable Quotes:

“Through prayer, through the name of Jesus, and in the blood of Jesus, you can cast out any darkness that you are dealing with. Jesus is our deliverer, and He died on the cross so that we could be delivered so that we could walk in freedom.” - Leslie Cooper

“Surrender and follow. It's a daily choice; you have to choose every day that you’re going to surrender and follow. - Jane Zahasky

“You cannot have radical change without the Word of God. The critical key is having Jesus Christ in your life, and declaring  His word over your life every day.” - Suzi Hanson

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