How Powerful Are Our Words?

Warriors ARISE

24-11-2021 • 29 min

Welcome back to the Warriors Arise Podcast! These last few weeks of the year, we are excited to bring you your favorites! I am your host, Jane Zahasky and in this episode, I am joined by Suzi Hanson and Stephanie Reed discussing the power of our words and how we must be careful of our thoughts by utilizing words of affirmation and cultivating godly habits. Join us and listen in!

[00:01 - 05:03] Practical Ways to Draw Ourselves Closer to God

  • Words of affirmations
  • Speaking against the enemy
  • Targeting limiting beliefs
  • Building others up
  • The dangers of carrying heaviness
  • Getting yourself out of your way
  • Becoming your own friend

[05:04 - 18:55] Watch Your Thoughts to Refrain from Negativity

  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Weaknesses are not hindrances
  • God doesn’t expect perfection
  • Vulnerability versus weakness
  • Leaning onto God for strength
  • Allowing God to use us
  • The mindset watch
  • Becoming intentional with your thoughts
  • Preparing for the bad days
  • Thinking to speaking
  • Getting under your skin
  • Recognize the power of our tongue

[18:56 - 30:25] The Truth Will Set You Free

  • Do not be conformed to this world
  • Setting yourself apart from the world
  • Learning God’s will in your life
  • Truth journal
  • Writing down your thoughts
  • Taking accountability

[27:50 - 29:34] Closing Segment

  • Stay connected with us!
  • Closing words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I'm proud to have my weaknesses, because it's not going to really hinder me. Because if I know that his strength is greater than my weaknesses, then it's okay to be weak.” – Suzi Hanson

“You don't have to overcome it [a challenge] yet to be used by God, right? It's for us to advance into walking through our weaknesses in order for God to be able to use us.” – Stephanie Reed

“We are called to be set apart yet apart from this world… If you continue on with the Scripture, it says after you change the way you think it says, then you will learn to know God's will for your life, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” – Stephanie Reed

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