S02 E04: OBG is back from Holiday, Doggo chats, beers & SPOOKtober plans

Streamers Unscripted Podcast

06-10-2022 • 1 hora 5 min

We're back and we've missed you all, and eachother (man hugs incoming!)

Mellend is keen to see how OBGs holiday went and talks about what he has been upto during the break. There's some chats about the guys' favourite type of holidays, their best and worst traits, OBG's new doggo and the plans for Halloween streams in October.

As always there's additional questions and topics submitted by the community which the guys put their spin on. Kick back and grab a beer!

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Much love - thanks for listening and we'll see you on the next episode live over on http://twitch.tv/streamersunscripted