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17-11-2023 • 1 hora

📚 Join authors and hosts Shelley Carney and Toby Younis in the latest episode of "Our Story Your Story," where they dive deep into Chapters 32 and 33 of their treasure hunt adventure novel, "A Gypsy’s Kiss."

In this captivating installment, the hosts unravel the intricate themes of justice, choices, and compassion as teenage protagonist Miguel navigates the complexities of the legal system and contemplates his place in a world of contrasting realities.

🔍 In Chapter 32, Detective Lacoste's interrogation leads Miguel to reflect on innocence lost and the consequences of choices. The subsequent Chapter 33 explores Miguel's encounter with District Attorney Jim Garrison, shedding light on fear, loneliness, and the ultimate decision to go home.

🎙️ Shelley and Toby lead insightful discussions on the emotions evoked by Miguel's journey, touching on fear, compassion, and the poignant theme of disillusionment. Together, they analyze the characters' evolving perspectives and the broader societal implications embedded in the narrative.

📖 As the hosts unravel the layers of 'A Gypsy’s Kiss,' viewers are invited to join the conversation, sharing their interpretations and reflections on the themes that shape this compelling treasure hunt adventure.

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00:41 Treasure hunt adventure nears end, decisions ahead.

04:31 Detective, woman with Stenograph join interrogation.

08:58 Continuing conversation, Detective asks about three names.

12:20 Anxious prisoner reflects on past and awaiting fate.

13:37 Visiting DA Garrison.

17:55 Reading, travel, concern, justice, choices, shame.

20:30 Better than expected, unplanned and fortunate.

24:08 Ability to empathize - an important characteristic

28:37 Miguel's loss of innocence in one night.

29:48 Innocence lost while on rebellious journey.

33:29 Comparing grief shows perspective and gratitude.

36:55 Mother cared for children, positive experience.

42:27 Funny: envisioning backyard with fire unit, s'mores.

45:18 Homeless teenagers living day to day struggles.

49:03 Choice given: jail or military service.

Zig Ziegler book changes life.

56:21 Shelley suggests solar powered car to Janet.

56:52 Unexpectedly interesting diversions revealed in SC.

01:00:02 Listen to our story, share your own.

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