Shedding Our Cultural Limits: a Personal Story in Authentic Success

Brave Life Talk Show

07-11-2022 • 22 min

Our co-host Andrea Mora Cummings goes solo on this episode exploring the hard truths about machismo as she celebrates Latinx Heritage Month. During the episode, Andrea discusses how challenging it is to talk about what lurks in the shadows of our communities and how that discomfort is essential for an inclusive culture. Andrea talks about gender roles and expectations and how this shaped and limited her idea of who she thought she could be. But that is not where the story ends, rather it is when the story begins as she shares with us her awakening and the critical importance of understanding, embracing, and empowering our own voice and story. This is a very personal example of pursuing authentic success and the power (and courage) it takes on this path.
Main topics: cultural norms, cultural conditioning, healthy masculinity, sexism, machismo, storytelling, voice, exploration, Latinx Heritage Month, authentic success