Arc 2: One-shot Anthology: Desperate Times Call For Divine Measures

The Frost Walkers

22-07-2019 • 1 hora 7 min

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of our One Shot Anthology, Thank you to Pixie Star for the writing and DMing of this oneshot! In this story Calem, Andrei, and Rowan and Vee's character Besh return to the Bellua Isles where Calem is better known as the Ace of Spades to deal with some Divine Intervention.

We want to thank Kevin Macleod for Echoes of Time v2

and Ghost of Red Mountain for Welcome to Timshul and the 2 new tracks you hear at the end of todays episode!

We also have overhauled our presence on Youtube! Including The DM Pixie's video of the arc 1 recap!