ADHD: Self Trust & Depending on Meds

Normal Human Person

27-10-2022 • 29 min

This week's episode is the final installment in our little ADHD mini-series, we wrap up this topic by talking about my struggles with self-trust and fears of falling backwards into bad habits as I get more comfortable on medication, we end the episode talking about the fears and stigmas around becoming dependant, on medications but also in general. The episode ends with a reminder that humans are communal creatures and we are meant to rely on things to support us. Our communities, our food, and our water, so why should certain medications be treated any differently?

A quick note, about halfway through the episode I start talking about an app I found that I really love, and I just want to put a disclaimer that this episode is not sponsored in any way, I'm just really obsessed with this app.

This episode discusses:

  • Fear of backsliding
  • Ways I'm rebuilding my self trust
  • Substance & Dependance


NHP is an evolution of The Unbound Podcast, and if you miss Unbound feel free to re-listen to old episodes because change is a part of the human experience.

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