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Michaela O'Shaughnessy: Making it in Manhattan, from MTV to the Met Gala, Teen Vogue and Instagram

Tech Powered Luxury

06-11-2023 • 53 min

Michaela O’Shaughnessy grew up in County Galway, Ireland. When her dream of becoming a doctor shifted towards embarking on a summer adventure in New York, the biomedical scientist found a city and new career that captured her attention: the world of social media and entertainment.

Michaela has carved out a killer career at the crossroads of culture, entertainment, and tech, with globally recognized companies and events making up her resume. Arriving in New York City, she landed a dream role at MTV, walking red carpets and attending the Met Gala with a clear goal: bring new, young audiences into the world of entertainment through the medium of digital, and in particular, mobile. As the role of TV and print media became challenged by the rapidly rising accessibility of online channels, Michaela was climbing the ranks at major fashion publications like Teen Vogue and Glamour before joining Instagram’s social team, where she now leads editorial content.

A creator herself, you can find Michaela on Instagram as @LifeofALadyBear to follow her journey in New York. In this episode, Michaela generously shares her advice on finding opportunity in New York, honing skills in both creative fields and business-driven environments, and how she finds balance between major events, internet celebrities, and a career in technology.

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