Episode 26 - Lady Farmer...Slow Living Locally

Cottage In The Court

29-09-2020 • 41 min

I first met Lady Farmer at Monticello a few years ago. It was their initial launch and I was impressed by the mission as well as their purpose.  Existing in a slow, measured way can be fulfilling and educational. How many times since we have been unintentionally pausing have you figured out that patience is quite the virtue? I continue to follow them online and their staying power speaks volumes.

THIS was the year I wanted to attend the Slow Living Conference. Now that we are in this period of unintentional pausing, the opportunity to really pay attention to what their mission is, what they say, and more is certainly more clear right now. From their book, online yoga, and more, their connections to just a slower, more mindful way of living are authentic.

To find out more click Lady Farmer. Hope to see you at the Retreat!

A brief poem from a book I received at the Slow Flower Summit when it was held in Washington, DC. The author is Anonymous..

"The fall of the leaf is a whisper to the living"...

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