Lani: Authenticity as an In-Betweener

When You're Invisible

02-01-2023 • 38 min

Today my friend Lani lives very authentically, but she has struggled with perception and invisibility throughout her life. She unpacks the complexities of living a rough childhood that took her around the world and the nuances of her identity as a half-Korean, half-white woman who never looked like the rest of her family. She gets real about the power dynamics of past relationships and talks about how she hopes to maintain a full range of humanity and sexuality as a soon-to-be mom. From a disability that grounded her, to an OnlyFans page that empowers her, you’ll hear about all the things that have made her who she is in her strength, her power, and her joy.

“If I get rejected and I've showed up as my whole self, that's such a blessing. It's not about me not being good enough. It just means that they know something about themselves and see something in me that isn't a good fit. Awesome. Cool. How great.” –Lani

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Creator & Host: Maria Fernanda Diez

Executive Producers: Gisselle Bances, Anna Stumpf, Nikki Ettore

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Associate Producer: Claudia Marticorena

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