"North Minneapolis is Moderate" with Victor Martinez

Minnesota Moderate Podcast

03-12-2021 • 34 min

  • Thankful
  • Get to Know Victor Martinez
  • Victor Talks North Minneapolis Diversity & Needs
  • Youth, Education, Empowerment, & Resources
  • Latino Community Specifics
  • Basic Needs:  Streets Clean, Neighbor Clean Up New Lighting.
  • Unmet Needs of Minneapolis:  Same Thing Since 1967:  Northside Opportunities & Jobs / West Broadway
  • 35% of North Minneapolis Under Age of 18
  • Escondido Improves in Crime vs. North Minneapolis Stays the Same
  • North Minneapolis Pastors Support Accountability & Discipline
  • North Minneapolis Faith Based Ideas vs. Political Party Positions
  • Income Disparities Require Work & Collaboration with Church
  • Government Does Not Know What to Do--Now Calling Pastors Asking Faith Leaders for Help
  • Victor's Grassroots Campaign
  • Victor Shares his Pro-Life position & community's reception of his position
  • North Minneapolis Moderates
  • Victor Next Steps

Meet Victor: