Intro, Part Deux

From Dusk To Shawn

06-05-2024 • 59 min

This is a follow-up to the first episode.  I wanted to cover a few items first mentioned and clear the air, and ended up with this.   If you were upset from anything mentioned in the first part, this ties it all together.

We veterans and our families are worth every opportunity to mention what ills we see in the world.  We are the ones who's asses the checks are made out to for your freedoms, the families  being the ones who sacrifice the most.

Autism exasperates this for everyone involved; at home, at work, the grocery store, in church.  it is the invisible elephant standing in the middle of the home between the family that just can't deal with it anymore.  And that can lead down a dark path

This show is going to be a starting ground for a movement, a start of a generational voice to gain hold and take back individuality.  Take back control of our lives.

To accept others for who and what they are.  Learn how we speak common languages but fail to communicate.  To be heard.  Feel loved.

To discover yourself and how deep and dark we really get and the strength to find our way back out together.

To bring new perspectives to your lives and I hope enrich life for you once again.

So come and join me!!  Bring a friend, preferably an autistic one.