From Dusk To Shawn


I've retired from the government, but I am actually here to help. This is a discovery of myself and a document of my life for my children. Come as I and guests discuss what it took for me to overcome some of my life issues.

A recent diagnosis changed my life after a long military career; one whose implications might change yours.  And there is a saying that the later in life you find out, and the longer you are, the more Autistic you become.

Hello new me.  What a horrible nightmare to wake up into.  I get a bit all over the place, but I try to bring it back round.  Be patient, I am documenting crazy in progress.

Dusk is where I was, and my journey is a new one.

Come along as I tell you my life story and lessons learned.  I promise, this is a story worth telling from someone willing to be honest in all aspects of life.  Allow me to paint the whole picture before throwing stones through it.

I hope I may leave the world a better place and to break the ancestral absurdities we call traditions that harm rather than help our next generation, our society, ourselves.

We CAN have progress as well as conserve the parts of the past worthy of our own discretion.  To honor the past for what it is; a long series of lessons we would do well to revisit and not lie about.

We CAN have a healthy support of those around us who understand we all have our walks of life we have to make.  To have patience and caring and be able to expect it back.

Live or Die.  That is what the meaning of life is.  This podcast will help you to die a little before you really learn to live again.  There is no hope of gain of anything from you but to help make a better world for my kids.  By butterfly effect in hope that I can enrichen yours as well.

My children have suffered enough at my hands(metaphorically speaking) and now I work to rebuild what I have helped to cause.

If you have ever wanted to hear a raw and unedited dramatic life experience tell, come join as I do as many entries as I am able into this audio diary.

I hope to be able to change your perspective to one of a better world without changing anything other than the window you are using to look out of your home from.

We all need support.  We all need this discussion.

This is wholly my financial burden.

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