Morality And Life From My Eyes

From Dusk To Shawn

11-05-2024 • 47 min

More on what drives me and how I want to show some tough love to those who need it most.  Drag up a chair and pop open a beverage of your choice.  Today will be about what we need to try to accomplish together, and how it applies to us all to help heal each and every one of us.

And that includes you.  Don't be too shy.  I bite, but only a little.  At least you have that warning.

Stare into these blue peepers and experience my soul through a voice with the intention to bring you out of your own dusk and into your own new life.

I look forward to seeing your butterfly create its own flap to help start a movement where anger can be used for those deserving of the energy it consumes.  We cannot leave this mess to our kids.

Remember when you said you would never do to your kids what your parents did to you?  Now is your chance to make it right and have a life with those you desire.

Take the first step with me on that grueling road-march we all need to stay in shape no matter how much it hurts.   Strap on your LPCs and bum a smoke.

We are going through some shit, and we all need this talk.

Those who invoke violence for violence sake shall be warned to be careful for that for which they wish for.  It never ends well for anyone no matter the side of the gun or sword you stand on.

Discussion, tough love, understanding.   We should work to understand and be understood.