DTM #067 Companion CBD: Healing Remedy for Your Pets with Brad Malin

Decide To Move Podcast

02-06-2021 • 48 min

Does your pet suffer from anxiety, arthritis, pain, or other ailments and can't get relief?

Well, Brad has discovered a remedy that just be what the vet ordered.  Brad Malin is a multi-passionate entrepreneur of 23 years and the Co-Founder and CEO of CompanionCBD, the only veterinarian-owned CBD manufacturer exclusively for pets. After achieving extraordinary results with CBD personally, Brad partnered with Dr. Joshua Sosnow, a board-certified veterinarian Chief medical Officer/Expert CBD educator to bring a high-quality clinical application to this $22 billion high growth largely unregulated industry.

Brad is leading CompanionCBD to many industry firsts, including creating the first nationally accredited continuing education program for veterinary medicine, offering complimentary veterinary consultations for those interested in learning how CBD can help manage their pet’s condition, and moving the CompanionCBD product into global distribution. CompanionCBD is the proud recipient of the renowned Pet Product Innovation Awards Company “Most Innovative Pet Product of 2020”. Brad speaks internationally on entrepreneurship and is one of the nation’s leading voices about alternative, safe, and quality pet therapy. Brad’s insights have been featured on ABC's "theList," iHeart Media and more...

Web: http://www.Companioncbd.com
Facebook- Companion CBD

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