Into Me See with Mu’izz Nasruddin

HE with Refie Redzuan

30-11-2023 • 53 min

In this episode, Mu’izz Nasruddin unfolds the untold to embrace his vulnerability and become the man he aspires to be. HE engages in an exclusive conversation on how he echos his reflection to liberate himself from self-doubt and live wondrously in the pursuit of happiness. The story dives into his early childhood by reevaluating his life’s choices, the beginning of his political career, his views on the current issues impacting Malaysia’s political landscape, and how he takes the lead for the nation’s future. His traces of footsteps propel a vision quest to find insight, tranquility, and acceptance in the journey of into-me-see as he reignites the joy in life on a personal and professional level to open a door for greater possibilities. • The podcast is powered by