Dealership Turnover, Training and Recruiting

Dealer Insights

24-03-2023 • 1 hora 7 min

On this episode of Dealer Insights, Vin and Shaun discuss some age-old issues in the retail car business.  Although the COVID era saw a decline in turnover, the problem is rising again.  Turnover has a terrible impact on the dealership from operational to customer experience concerns.    Training, is another old, yet extremely important issue for car dealers.  The modern car dealer needs technically capable staff and that's very true for anyone who wants a sales job.  Sales people with no technical skills aren't worth hiring and when it comes to BDC personnel it's even more critical.  Vin also talks about the importance of recruiting and even shares some of STROLID's approach that developed during the past few years.  Turnover, Training and Recruiting are extremely important if you want to operate a successful automotive bdc or in-house sales team.  Until next time, enjoy the episode.

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