EP. 22 Mike Doiron - Mind the Gap!

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16-02-2022 • 58 min

This guy LOVES aviation! Today I am speaking with Mike Doiron who has been involved in many aspects of aviation for 50 years. The truth is that this short introduction doesn’t scratch the surface of his career accomplishments and experience in aviation.

Today we get into the gaps in flight training; concerns about the level of competency of new aviators; and how we address those concerns. We discuss the role of Transport Canada; the difference between Transport Canada of today and in the 1980’s and 90’s; the experience of today’s regulators; and what he would watch for if he was a regulator today.

Mike started as a dispatcher and progressed to Chief Flight Instructor and Chief Pilot of the Moncton Flying Club. He spent 19 years with Transport Canada where he held various positions including Superintendent of Flight Training, Regional Director of System Safety and National Director of Aviation Safety Promotions.

In 1998, he left the government to take the helm of the Moncton Flight College as C.E.O. and Principal. He held that position for twelve years until leaving in July 2010 to start Doiron Aviation Consulting, which he still operates today working with aviation clients across the globe. He is the developer of the SMS Tookit, a program being used by the Air Transport Association of Canada as the model SMS structure for their various operators.

Mike has received numerous awards throughout this career. He has flown over 50 types of aircraft. He has held the position of Senior Vice President of Safety Management Systems for Strategic Aerospace International Ltd. He sat as Chair of the Board of the Air Transport Association of Canada, and as a Director on the New Brunswick Aerospace and Defence Association Board, and is currently the Atlantic Canada Regional Representative of the Canadian Council of Aviation and Aerospace.

Mike is also an accomplished and avid photographer.

To find out more about Mike and Doiron Aviation Consulting you can email him at: dacsafety54@gmail.com.

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