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One Grate Conversation

06-06-2023 • 20 min

Have you heard the term "Holding it lightly" before? If not you're in for a treat with this neatly packed 20-minute episode on the topic.

Simon Bell is a guru in his field and always a pleasure to talk to about things that hold us back and how to overcome them. Simon first introduced this concept to us in January 2022 at our Lauxes Grates team pump up session, an opportunity for the whole company to get together and get "pumped up" for the calendar year ahead fresh off the back of Christmas holidays.

We talk about how the process can be as enjoyable as the destination, Simon's switch up from a hyper-masculine approach at reaching his goals to a more spiritual one, the role that emotions play in our human experience and how he is the Yeti of Daisy Hill, for that you will need to tune in for more context.

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