What Winning in Business Looks Like - Lauxes Grates

One Grate Conversation

01-03-2023 • 48 min

Tim, Lauxes Grates CEO, and I sat down to talk all things Scoreboard. Winning isn't a secret formula at Lauxes Grates, it's something that's quite literally up on all the walls around our various locations around Australia and our international offices. Everyone in the whole organisation knows where we are at on a daily basis. This breeds a different kind of culture, one that we are so proud of and don't take for granted. The business didn't always have Scoreboard and Tim talks about what that looked like and really digs deep about why he feels so passionately about keeping track of the numbers and how it sets a clear path to win. If you love sporting analogies also, you will be in for a real treat as Tim absolutely loves them too.

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