DTM #61 Culivating Healthy & Fun Relationships with Eric & Lakila

Decide To Move Podcast

11-05-2021 • 41 min

Who said you couldn't build a business with your partner and have fun?

Who said black love doesn't exist?

Well, Eric & Lakila, co-founders of Dope People Who, a relationship performance coaching company, show you both.

Lakila & Eric have over 25+ years of experience in Performance Management and People Development. Creators of the online coaching program, Unleash Your Dopeness, they live an extraordinarily dope love affair and are committed to helping singles and couples experience healthy, happy, and whole black love relationships!

G - @DopePeopleWho https://www.instagram.com/dopepeoplewho/
FB https://www.facebook.com/DopePeopleWho
Web: www.DopePeopleWho.com
Free Masterclass - https://dopepeoplewho.kartra.com/page/YZg6

Podcast Your Brilliance Program: https://bit.ly/podcastyourbrilliance

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