The Moyar Valley - Beautiful but threatened

Riverside Tales - a WASI podcast

18-11-2023 • 14 min

The Moyar river valley, formed nearly 2.5 billion years ago, is the oldest peninsular valley in India. The Moyar River isn’t a large and mighty river like the Cauvery or the Ganga. However, her might is in her rugged and stunning beauty. She is the largest tributary of the Bhavani River, which in turn spills into the Cauvery River. The Moyar is an irreplaceable asset to scientists because her rugged terrain has largely left her untouched by humans. Today, she hosts the highest diversity of endangered endemic fish species of the Cauvery River Basin.

In this episode of Riverside Tales eminent wildlife Biologist Dr. AJT Johnsingh recalls his experiences and observations while on a joint expedition with WASI into the Great Moyar Valley, in search of the legendary Humpback Mahseer.

This story was first published by the Sanctuary Nature Foundation in 2018.

Executive director: Naren Sreenivasan
Narrated by: Mario Jerome
Produced by: Arvind Raj
Art work: Priyanki Shah

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