Episode 56 - Talk with Dr. Marcus "Goodie" Goodloe about Leadership Habits

To Learn, Love, Lead

11-10-2022 • 40 min

In my conversation with Dr. Goodie Goodloe, we dive into his book Habits, where he highlights 6 habits leaders practice to increase their level of influence. Dr. Goodloe speaks from the overflow of a life of learning and ministry and I'm so excited to share our conversation with you.

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King Maker by Dr. Goodie Goodloe
Habitsby Dr. Goodie Goodloe & Octavio Martinez
The Next Level by Dr. Goodie Goodloe

Buy Dr. Goodloe's book recommendations:
Who is this Manby John Ortberg
Celebration of Disciplineby Richard Foster
Martin Luther King Jr. trilogy by Taylor Branch

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@goodiegoodloe on instagram

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